Senior Thesis

28th Street

Digital Illustration, (Fall 2019)

The Met

Digital Illustration, (Fall 2019)

Central Park South

Digital Illustration, (Fall 2019)

Artists Statement

I am a native New Yorker, immersed in the bustle of the city. While being rooted in NYC, I see so many different people while I commute to school and work. Many of these people work hard and become a vital part of how the city functions. We interact with them, sometimes daily, but often do not know their actual names or what is going on in their lives. I decided to explore this level of anonymity through my rendering of these figures and their settings.

I explored how the working class makes the city run for everyones convenience and safety. To highlight the presence of these workers, I decided to represent them through digital illustration. This method allows me to play with bold and very saturated colors along with different composition styles within this body of work.

I am drawn to E. McKnight Kauffers work, especially his London Underground posters. His very graphic style is eye catching and helped me reduce my observations to their simplest forms. Through selecting the most important visual information, I wanted to represent how these people are important to the citys framework.

I want these posters to be a glimpse into how I take in the world around me; and to make people think about our city and how it runs at such a quick pace.