Merch4Relief was set up in order to help restaurants affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I was paired up with multiple restaurants across the United States and encapsulated their restaurants style and atmosphere on a piece of clothing. This page will house the final design for each of the restaurants that I worked with as well as a small write-up about my thoughts about the piece and why I chose each as the final design. You can see all of the designs on my Merch4Relief collection page located here.

The Fat Hen

The Fat Hen is a tiny neighborhood cafe located in Seattle, WA.

This simple line work design captures the rustic European farmhouse feel of the restaurant.

Flour + Water Pasta Shop

Flour + Water Pasta Shop is a handmade pasta shop from San Francisco, CA. They make a variety of handmade pastas and have a very fun atmosphere.

The array of pasta displays the vast creativity and skills in creating meals and recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Broad Street Oyster Co.

Broad Street Oyster Co. is a locally owned seafood restaurant from Malibu, CA. They have a very prominant retro/70s theme throughout all of their advertising.

This design captures the funky and laid back vibes of the restaurant with their "Dirty Lobster" character.

Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor is a restaurant in Lopez Island, WA that prides itself on seasonal, fresh foods and a sophisticated style.

The arrangement of ingredients in the design represents the fresh local ingredients that are grown and harvested to make their seasonal recipes.

Ester's Wine Shop and Bar

Ester's Wine Shop and Bar is a place all about sophisticated and fun flavors without any of the pretentiousness that people expect from a winery.

The dancing bottles are meant to represent the fun-loving atmosphere of the winery.