Graphic Design Works

This pages hosts previous graphic design works that I have done for smaller companies or for individuals.

Sunshine Music

Sunshine Music is a small music lesson center for young beginners in New York City. It is focused on making music accessible to children in fun and creative ways.

The logo and logo type are meant to be more child-like in design to indicate that these lessons are for young musicians and to make the center more approachable to beginners.

Avenues Chess Logo

Avenues is a nursery through 12th grade school that specializes in language immersion learning. It has schools across the globe in the United States, China, and South America.

This is a welcoming chess logo with a more modern look to match the clients design aesthetic.

Hay Bale Productions

Hay Bale Productions is a brand new and exciting multimedia production company based in New York City.

This client wanted a sophisticated but rustic-looking production logo.